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SO you wanna volunteer with us...

We're already excited to meet you! Anyone who wants to protect the environment is alright by us. We're sure you'll find KOTS is a good fit.

How to get involved

The best way to find out about upcoming cleanup events is to follow our Facebook and Instagram pages, or check our Calendar page regularly. When you see one that works for your schedule, all you need to do is follow the posted instructions and show up! We usually split our events into ground, paddling, or snorkeling cleanups, with the occasional SCUBA cleanup. Everyone is welcome to join, and kids must have a parent with them.

Photo by Kristin Salisbury

Sometimes we find more zealous eco-warriors who are willing to take on the charge of organizing and leading their own cleanups. If that's you, let us know! Just fill out this form and we will contact you about coming on board. You may find someone on our Cleanup Coordinator page who already is leading cleanups in your area, but that's okay! Please reach out anyway because we may need more help in that location. 

NOTE: we ask all coordinators are at least 18 and willing to organize at least 3-4 cleanups per year.

The best way to help protect the environment is to learn about the issues, then share them with others. People won't care until they know! Take some time to learn about the springs in our Learn section and via our social media (links below), then share with your friends. When it comes to conservation, it takes a whole community of people to make a real difference. That could start with you!

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Want to help conserve Florida nature in other ways? Check out our Resources page for a list of other organizations who have joined the cause!

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