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Photo by Kristin Salisbury

Florida Springs Resources

When it comes to Florida nature and wildlife conservation, Keepers of the Springs is just the tip of the iceberg! To learn more or get involved, check out this list of other organizations from around the state.

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Photo by Kristin Salisbury

Featured organizations

With their in-house team of scientists and volunteers from around the state, they provide the data needed to understand current issues facing the springs and help to prevent future ones. We highly recommend becoming a citizen scientist with FSI!

We have many kindred spirits working with Current Problems as they run cleanups in Central Florida as well! This group is one of the most effective cleanup crews in the area and are highly respected in the community. You won't want to miss their annual Clean Creek Revival in Gainesville!

Through research, conservation, and education, this group works hard to protect bats around the world and teaches communities why they're so important to the ecosystem. We highly recommend attending their annual Florida Bat Festival or scheduling a tour!

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