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Board & Administrative members


Freediving Instructor and seasoned SCUBA diver, David brings an unsurpassed passion for the water. His science education background and aptitude for event planning allows him to create an incredible experience at our KOTS cleanups and other events.

David Cobiella
President, Executive Director


Tessa Skiles

Tessa has been immersed in Springs conservation from childhood and was an obvious choice as a board advisor for KOTS. With her years of experience, she brings an immeasurable amount of knowledge and expertise to the team as we strive to protect the Florida Springs and their wildlife.


Terri Skiles

Coming soon...


Currently working towards her MBA, Lauren is the KOTS number master. A customer service professional, she most certainly has a talent for working out details and creating a fun atmosphere for volunteers.

Lauren Robinson
Board Member


Tim is a Highlands County native and grew up surrounded by the wilds of Florida. He brings a passion for FL nature to the table, and his tenure with Marriott Vacation Club allows him to lend his business saavy to KOTS.

Tim norris

Board Member


Having recently finished his Ph.D. in Soil and Water Science from the University of Florida, Conor is an invaluable asset as we educate the public about issues facing our most precious natural resource. He's also an avid snorkeler, diver, and fossil hunter in the Florida waters!

Conor MacDonnell
Science Advisor


You won't find a more seasoned Florida paddler than Cory. His intricate knowledge of North/Central Florida rivers and springs, as well as his years of experience leading summer camp kids on paddling trips makes him the perfect fit for a KOTS board member.

Cory Deemer

Board Member

Cleanup Coordinators

REgional Cleanup Coordinators


coming soon
Alachua County

Michael Lino

Michael Lino
Marion County

Raised on the banks of the Withlacoochee, Michael feels a personal responsibility to protect FL waterways. As a freediver and self-proclaimed Rainbow River ambassador, he's seen first hand the effects of FL rivers being "loved to death."



Akylis is a funny, energetic, goofy Merman who loves to swim the springs and surrounding waters. After realizing the huge impact humans have on wildlife and the springs, this lil' fish was inspired to make  big splash by volunteering and helping raise awareness for Florida Springs Conservation.


coming soon

David Miller

David Miller
Escambia County

Born and raised in Pensacola, David has always had a love for the water. As a fisherman and free diver, he strives to keep all bodies of water as clean as possible and enjoys spending his free time cleaning the springs with others.


Jo Carver
Columbia County

Jo is a hard working guy with a passion for nature and a desire to help protect and preserve Florida's beauty. Through his travels around FL rivers and parks, he has seen the need to raise awareness and be part of the solution, not the problem. 


coming soon
Palm Beach


Connor Pawson
Central Florida

With a background in conservation education and guest services, Connor is a natural at leading cleanups in the Orlando Area and surrounding springs. He's also an avid paddler and recently certified SCUBA diver.


coming soon
Daytona Beach


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