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Support Clean Water

Whether it's the $100+ billion that outdoor recreation brings to Florida annually, or the fact that 90% of Florida's drinking water comes from the aquifer, it's incredibly clear that we must protect this natural resource.

But we can't do it without your help.

how does your gift help?

Having already taught nearly 700 children in-class about the aquifer and water conservation, we're not stopping there. Our goals for K-12 education include hiring scientists to present to students, hosting more in-class sessions, developing unique and creative lesson plans, and reaching a broader audience. Your donation will also ensure top of the line teaching tools and supplies are available for educational booths at festivals and events all across the state. 

KOTS has appeared on NPR and PBS to address conservation issues, and our FL Wildlife TV series has reached more than 25,000 views online. Like Jacques Cousteau said, "people protect what they love". We're ready to help people know and love their local wilderness. We hope to spread the message of conservation to the entire state of Florida and beyond. Your donation will help to keep our cameras, drones, laptops, and editing software up to date!

We began as a volunteer cleanup organization and plan to keep that at the core of our mission. With 8 new volunteer Regional Cleanup Coordinators coming on board in 2022, we're going to make a bigger impact than ever. Your donation helps us keep Florida's rivers, springs, ocean, and parks free of pollutants and debris!

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Photo by Brent Fannin

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