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In 2017, Brent and David, co-founders of Kings of the Springs (KOTS), decided to call on the help of their friends to clean trash from their favorite springs. More than two years later (and with a new name), Keepers of the Springs is now a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization having employed over 300 community volunteers and cleaned over 6,000 pounds of trash from Florida's springs and rivers.  Outside of cleanups, we makes our voices heard through fun, inspiring educational videos and a wide arrange of community driven events. 


With the help of media platforms, committed volunteers, a young audience, and our trademark positive spin on conservation efforts, KOTS is in a powerful position to drive a cultural shift and inspire appreciation and stewardship of all Florida's waterways.


Each and every penny goes directly toward protecting and preserving our precious water resources today, and for years to come. And we need your help!


Explore our Springs Education page, filled with content designed to help locals and travelers learn how to discover, explore, and protect the springs.


Become a part of the KOTS community, meet like-minded water-lovers, volunteer to clean trash from the springs, and make a lasting impact by joining us for one of our cleanups.

current news:

state wide
cleanup expansion

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KOTS is excited to announce we have begun a push to expand our cleanups to every corner of the state! We're onboarding eight new Regional Cleanup Coordinators in Spring 2022. They'll be organizing land and water volunteer cleanup events in 8 different counties. Once they're up and running, we'll reach out for another wave of volunteer coordinators in an attempt to reach every major body of water in Florida. 

Visit our Our Team page to see their updated profiles as we bring them on board!

We HAVE a new name!

After piles and piles of consideration, we have decided to change our name* to Keepers of the Springs. We’ve grown a lot from where we started. We felt that it was time for a name that represents all the different people that come out and volunteer for us. Check out our new logo! You’ll notice we kept our acronym, KOTS, and we also couldn’t let go of that amazing Mask/Crown that Brent designed for us years ago.
If you're out and about talking about what we do, feel free to let others know about our new name and encourage them to check out our website and social media. The more people know about our work, the more support we'll find for future expansions!

*we are still filing paperwork under our original title "Kings of the Springs, Inc."

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Voting Season is ALMOST here

One of the most effective ways to make long-lasting change is to make your voice heard. And the best way to do that is to VOTE! As a 501c3, we cannot endorse a candidate, but we can give you a push in the right direction. Check out these voter guides to find legislators who have a track record of caring for Florida's environment.