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Join the movement and become a protector of

the springs.

In 2017, Brent and David, co-founders of Keepers of the Springs (KOTS), decided to call on the help of their friends to clean trash from their favorite springs. More than five years later, KOTS has utilized over 300 community volunteers and cleaned over 8,000 pounds of trash debris from Florida's springs and rivers. Outside of cleanups and restoration projects, we make our voices heard through fun, inspiring educational videos and a wide array of community-driven events. 

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Each and every penny goes directly toward protecting and preserving our precious water resources today, and for years to come. And we need your help!


Explore our Springs Education page, filled with content designed to help locals and travelers learn how to discover, explore, and protect the springs.


Become a part of the KOTS community, meet like-minded water-lovers, volunteer to clean trash from the springs, and make a lasting impact by joining us for one of our cleanups.


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Our inaugural Keep the Springs Glowing event was an enormous success and we raised over $6,000 for conservation efforts! 

This year we threw a party to raise money for eel grass propagation, something we hope will not only improve the ecosystems in Florida's freshwater rivers but also provide much needed food for the Florida manatee!

Click the button below to see some of our amazing partners and learn more about the event.

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